Eureka! Goa Vision 2035 is a lifeline, implement it!

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In December, 2019, Herald’s Shweta Kamat revealed that the CM’s liberation day speech had touched upon the belated return of a masterplan. Shelved for nearly 8 long years, the importance of the press release was probably lost to most readers due to the festivities or was overshadowed by the central govt’s latest deception/divisive fascism.

Attributed to Dr Raghunath Mashelkar, the 2035 Vision Report aims to “measure and monitor happiness” focusing on key socio-economic parameters such as Goa’s natural beauty, culture, sustainability, becoming a knowledge center, affluence and good governance. Education, tourism, sustainable development, e-governance and other vital factors were researched and the report was submitted to the late CM; the project was never implemented, which is painfully clear to see.

Great minds think alike and the Bhutanese had come up with, and successfully implemented, the concept of Gross National Happiness. Community vitality, preservation of culture, education, conservation of the environment, good governance, health, psychological well-being, standard of living and use of time were prioritized over worldly GDP.
Like Goa, Bhutan is a one – in – a – million oasis with pristine forests, wildlife, heritage monuments, devout communities and natural resources, but unlike us, they had an upright visionary to shepherd them.
With the threat of devastation by floods caused by melting glacial ice, Bhutan takes on projects after analysing them with a lens called “Ethic-preneurship”.
The prime minister of Bhutan was in Goa a few years back, speaking at the Ideas Conclave at the International Center, Dona Paula. In attendance were the stand-in CM Parsekar and late Parrikar; no action was taken after his insightful speech which extolled Goa’s sacred roots in ancient mythology.
(PM of Bhutan speaking at Ideas conclave, Dona Paula)
(Ethic – preneurship TED talk, Klagenfurt)

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