ESG needs to be more accessible to filmmakers

2 years agoopen0

ESG has 50 plus people working force to develop a film culture in Goa. Unfortunately most of them dont know how to do it, ESG is mainly active when IFFI happens which is a film based event. IT would be great if ESG recognises filmmakers in Goa (its such a small state its very easily achievable), support film makers who wants to send their film to festivals, help film makers by organising workshops, competitions etc. The main problem is a 4 member independent film crew has to pay same location fees as a multi crore bollywood film, this is so discouraging and eliminates possibilities of new talents emerging from Goa. Maybe ESG can evaluate the project, its budget and the filmmakers background and give shooting location permissions according to the scale of the project.
For example – 20000 INR a day shooting fee is just peanuts for a 20 crore film, but its a huge amount for a film with overall budget of 2lakhs. I hope the idea made any sense, but worth trying.

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