Empower Rural Woman – Digitization Automation of Self Help Groups (SHG) across Goa

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There are more than 20,000 Self Help Group members across Goa and thousands of groups. The utilization or the empowerment of these groups and members is extremely low or none. There needs to be proper guidance, support, and management of these groups. They need to get into the next phase of owning their individual or groups business entities. The focus should be on their talent, product, and services – in the field of agriculture, food processing, catering, housekeeping, learning new skills, Basic digital technologies, and many other sources. By leveraging technology power, their livelihood can be further improved. The first step is to automate all their manual work into a proper workflow so they get the required support from all key stakeholders. Proper insights of their groups must be available for leaders to bring required changes.

Automate the current manual process/engagement of SHG to bring efficiency in operation and productivity. For SHG, Digital Baila will eliminate paper based manual processes and become a digital powerhouse, one-stop solution to manage schemes, projects, audits, and achievements efficiently and effectively. Jobs will be created locally, projects and schemes can be given to the local community which will create employment.

The platform will allow them to efficiently collaborate with each other across various groups and members of the community to demonstrate their capability. These benefits will truly help them to become self independent and confident to drive their self journey towards success.
We have successfully run the pilot last year with more than 400 women across North Goa – digitalbaila.com & this needs to further expanded now with the help of community.

44 thoughts on “Empower Rural Woman – Digitization Automation of Self Help Groups (SHG) across Goa”

    1. Thank You for supporting our idea. It I just not Self Help Group but any woman across Goa can register to promote her skills, products, or services. The entire grass root level concept can be slowly be replicated to the neighboring states and beyond. We truly appriciate your comment and like towards our mission driven innovation.

  1. This platform is a big step for Goan women to change their lives completely. They can not only promote their skills, services and products but also sell their products and services globally.

    1. Thank You Driti. Indeed, this is a big step for Goan women to take matters in their hand, be independent and help local economy.

  2. This is a great first step in the right direction … Great idea Divya . Hope rest of goan woman community take advantage of this ideas and help local woman to be successful.

    1. Thank You Ayushi.. This is an opportunity for all Goan women to bring their talent out and be creative to selfsustain and grow.

  3. Great platform for all the women’s to showcase their talent and present their self in this competitive world…..

    1. Thank You Meena for supporting our idea. Yes, It is needed yesterday but it never late now to act and help local women.

  4. I am loving what SHG is doing to empower their women. It’s only through education of people that innovation , productivity and skills would grow. Thanks for sharing and keep it up…

    1. Thank You Keerti for supporting our idea. Would love if you can continue to support our mission by partly volunteering and sharing your experience with the team. We do need more local and specially woman to come forward and help the community.

  5. Great idea… i think this is great opportunity for the womens to digitize them self and be independent and i think they can get updates of all government scheme online… kudos to the team spark+.

    1. Thank You Darshana. Yes.. There are tons of opportunity for them to leverage via digitization. We do need all women to come and support our initiative so please do engage in future for some volunteering.

  6. This is much needed initiative to uplift life of rural families. A group of women can be facilitated to start their own home business to empower them. There are many examples in other states where such small venture started with little over 5 homemakers grew to a large scale business model.
    I’m sure this initiative will see a great heights.

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