employing public service lawyers

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Many times, people ask as they drive around, ‘is that construction legal?’ ‘Can they really build in that field?’ “I thought that was communicate land.’ ‘I wonder what they are building behind that huge metal gate.’ Some significant percentage of Goa’s building is done illegally. We all know this, but the process of proving it is time-consuming. You have to find the plot number, go to the panchayat, file RTIs. As a result, very few illegal constructions are stopped. The solution is to have full time junior lawyers employed whose full time job is to investigate suspicious building projects. People who want to keep Goa ‘clean and green’ can be asked to contribute a small amount – say Rs. 1000 a month – towards the salaries of these lawyers. If 100 people can commit to contributing, the project could hire 3 full time lawyers. This will bring down corruption, reduce illegal corruption and improve governance overall because there would be less bribery in the whole construction and land-purchasing sector.

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