Emergency Response Network

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Emergency response services are provided by different agencies operating ambulances (that are of the air ambulance (in special circumstances) and on-road ambulance or rail ambulance categories), specific to cause disaster management teams, armed forces or even special task forces. Importantly most cities have different requirements and systems for such response.
A. Today most cities need dedicated & exemplary services that can act for or mitigate accident, anti-government or climate change related risks and threats, where sufficient attention is also given to manage prone-to-disaster locations or hazardous places that have a likelihood of becoming disaster stricken
B. 2019 and 2020 being years known all over the world for the COVID 19 health threat.
This Idea for Goa revisits the need to design and implement an Emergency response network that can notify,
alert, protect or assist people in different circumstances (with or without COVID 19 incidence) at any
location be it a busy road or remote area, water body, dwelling, building or facility, others like (railway track,
flyover, bridge, tunnel) etc,.
C. This emergency response network will rely on specialized infrastructure, systems, technicians, methodologies and curriculums that continually review & improve the network’s procedures, skills and ability to provide 24/7 assistance, incorporate SMART mitigation and act swiftly to protect and save life. The SMART mitigation will incorporate COVID 19 relevance or if-emergent emergency scenarios

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