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ECOFest Goa is an inspired festival that aims to showcase the best of what Goa & India has to offer in the field of environmental solutions to the mounting crisis that we face as a global community.
With it’s primary mission to” Save our planet, Protect our species” it aims to bring together locals, stakeholders, educational institutions & tourists to create awareness at grassroot level to help create solutions to the many environmental issues that are slowly but surely choking our planet.
Ecofest will bring together existing educational & practical solutions to tackle the serious environmental crisis we face. It will also be a celebration of human talent and ingenuity towards creating a greener future for the coming generations.
The festival will also reach out to people who are looking to follow a holistic way of life by creating awareness of the many alternative practices followed by millions all over the world. From the ancient art of yoga &ayurvedic medicine to the modern day spiritual therapies, Ecofest will be a platform for teachers & practitioners to spread their knowledge.
Live music performed by international & local artists will be the main attraction of the festival alongside a vibrant & colorful venue.
Goa known for its ability to attract musical & performance artists from all over the world and it’s reputation of being all about fun is the ideal destination to host an event of this nature on a big scale.
In keeping with the concept of sustainability the entire ECO village will be fabricated with bamboo
and other locally sourced natural materials.
In keeping with the mission to “Save our Planet, Protect our species” props and other decorative items will follow the same theme. A landscape consisting of animals, birds & marine life will be created using plastic & other waste products to create a visually brilliant atmosphere that will be both unique and informative. Local schools and colleges will be roped in to participate as well.

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