Digital Platform for all applications to Government of Goa

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The citizen, either emails or submits his application physically at the designated inward section.
The inward clerk immediately scans and uploads the application. From this point it will move around digitally.
Once up loaded, the applicant will acknowledgement on mobile/email which can track the application.
The inward clerk will forward the digitised application to concerned dealing hand, who will make necessary remarks, if any more documents are required, the same will be allowed to be asked one time and after that no reference can be made back to applicant once he submits A, B, document. File will be held up if he fails to submit any one document. He can challenge a requirement with an affidavit, which decision maker can review when it reaches him. The complete application will be forwarded with remarks to approving authority. If a payment is required, the echallan will be generated and emailed to applicant or sent to his mobile. He can make digital payment and automatically it will get linked to application based on echallan no. If an inspection is necessary, the same will be forwarded to Inspector with copy to applicant. Time slots will be offered and once choosen the inspector will reach on given date and time. Post inspection, inspector will up load his report with pictures and forward to relevant authority. The authority can give final order or ask for clarifications which the dealing hand will get either from files held internally, from other departments. After all the processes are completed the authority will decide and communicate the decision to the applicant thru email and mobile. The same can be downloaded and printed as it will be digitally signed. At every step there will be automatic time stamp and logging of person dealing with file. If a process takes longer than allowed at a particular dealing hand, the application will automatically move to the next level. The system is paperless, traceable & accountable. RTI not needed, it is transparent

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