Digital-Agriculture platform

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Digital-Agriculture platform, a food delivery system that provides residents in Goa with trustworthy, local, organic produce directly from local farms straight to their doorstep. It would be an online marketplace for farmers and agriculture/food startups which will help consumer to get home delivery or pick up from the delivery service center, direct from the farm, sold by the farmer. It will help to ensure the right price for farmers’ end products, by getting supplies from farmers and selling them directly to the consumers and have direct access to market.
Also, it can include poultry, fish, oil, species, Dry Fruits, Sugar, Jaggery and Honey, Bread and Baked Products. We can also include online grocery delivery service. The groceries will be freshly handpicked and delivered from supermarkets and grocery stores to doorstep of the consumer. We can use electric vans, vehicle for delivery purpose and recyclable products, thereby ensuring 100% plastic-free packaging.

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