Designs for Positive Health enabling in the Customer Engagement Cycle

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With the crisis being faced, we may need different endeavors to help Risk probability identification and mitigation. One such interest is the Customer Engagement Cycle in 2020, where Awareness, Acquisition, Retention and Referrals are known to happen
2. Positive health programmes for Wear-on(s)
We are least expected to disinfect, clean or wipe clean many products. To include concern for health threats, manufacturers, distributors, retailers and resellers could a. Design a triage system to categorize steps to be taken to ensure Positive health or minimum contamination. b. The triage has a Code for Hygienic practices, Assessment of microbial quantity after final production (known to depend upon the site, it’s collective handling, it’s waste management and it’s clutter free storage) and Use of medicinal herbs or herb extracts to reduce microbial quantity. c. Tag the product 3. Sanitized Card for Wear-on(s) a. The Sanitizing Card process could include a Code for Hygienic practices and Use of medicinal herbs or herb extracts to reduce microbial quantity. b. With this done, the last step could be to tag the product 4. Product packaging should include exclusive material Packaging should contain the chronological sequence of actions to be taken if the Health Accountable or Sanitized Card is not attached or damaged or missing.

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