Design Institute for Resource Economy (DIRE)

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Circular economy is a concept that talks about eliminating waste by continual use of resources through principles of reuse, redesign, remanufacturing, repair, refurbishment, recycling.

There are so many talented individuals and institutions in Goa working in the area of sustainability and resource use. The idea of a new Design Centre, essentially a volunteer-based effort, can provide new ideas and direction to move towards a more sustainable and resource-sensitive economy.

First and foremost, the Institute can start by identifying resource loops and target key resource areas for focused work . The group can then work on developing innovative ideas to move towards a more circular model of economy in the identified areas.

Some of the initiatives that the centre can undertake could include
• Establishment of repair/refurbishment/reuse design centre for identified resource streams
• Facilitating trading of refurbished/repaired items that would have been thrown if not refurbished (something along the lines of a garage sale)
• Crowdsourcing ideas for key initiatives like reducing plastic use, supporting localism, etc
• Developing working papers and policy guidelines for policy makers and local bodies
• Undertaking grant projects on Circular Economy

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