Data Driven Decision Support System

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We would like to introduce ourselves as a government advisory firm specialising in data analytics domain.

With the recent resurfacing of the positive cases in the already declared green zones is a clear indication that demarcating the zones based only on the spread would not be an optimum solution. There needs to be different factors which one should take into consideration such as the demographic features, density, establishment details, economic factors, mental health, psychological awareness, essential services and so on.

Thus, with a team of 300+ volunteers including experts from different domains as well as institutional tie ups with IIT Bombay, IIT Kharagpur, IIM Ahmedabad, NMIMS University as well as acknowledgement by NITI Aayogi, we have been able to provide our service to number of states as well as municipal corporation.

The services which we are offering are completely on pro-bono basis and right now we just aim to create a difference.

We’ve been working towards creating a data backed decision support system which can primarily achieve the following tasks but not limited to,

路 Prediction of spread

路 Resource optimization of essential services

路 Predicting the impact on the economy

路 Predicting the social impact of the outbreak

路 Planning structured withdrawal of lockdown

路 Preparation of algorithm for alternative testing methodology

A similar model for Goa state is also being prepared by our team and we would like to present the same to you. Let us know if a call can be scheduled for more details. Also, I have attached a brief presentation of our work for better understanding.

Looking forward to your response. You may call us anytime at +91 9664341513.

Many thanks.

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