Cross-Mentoring Platform


Whether it be quick-learning a foreign language or picking up a very local recipe from a homemaker, or a quick session in technology, we are all seeking mentors, who can be a “go-to”.

A Mentor-Mentee platform that equips all Goans with a great ecosystem to learn in the easiest way possible – making a call to a Mentor registered on a platform.
It is a healthy, engaged, interesting and easy-to-use way to engage & Learn.

It will have the following benefits:
1) a human intervention at other end makes it quicker and more effective, and enjoyable
2) no age barriers – from a 10-year old who can talk about technology to a 65 year old who can guide on leadership skills.
3) will help the personal branding and credibility of the Mentors – while also serving as a community – building initiative.
4) Benefit to school, college students as well as institutes is access, to a pool of teaching skill-sets that can be leveraged for Webinars, Guest-Lectures, etc.

2 thoughts on “Cross-Mentoring Platform”

  1. Love this concept Rina .. Collaboration with like minded community or an individual will be a huge plus in the future of economy. I feel this concept will be highly valuable. will be glad to support this initiative.

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