Conducting a Biofeedback test

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A strong immunity is the biggest asset of each individual in situations where health has a threat. Being nutritionally balanced is essential to have a strong immunity. knowing that our body really has the vitality to digest , absorb and assimilate what we eat and drink is important.
Is our body balanced with enough vitamins, minerals,proper functioning of every organ system,high vibrational emotions?If not that is to be balanced inorder to keep people healthy. Even if your blood parameters shows normal it is not necessary that your cells are really utilizing the nutrients.

This Biofeedback test rooted from an alternative system called NAET helps to find out the imbalances of the body in terms of minerals, vitamins, hormones , organs , emotions etc and balance them.
It is non invasive , drugless and natural.

This can be a great step to make people of Goa healthy holistically.

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