Combining Co-working & Co-living in GOA

2 years agoopen14

The phrase ‘WORK FROM HOME’ has been used estimated 700 billion times in last 30 days. This is way more than any brand at any time in the history of the mankind. Thereby it’s safe to say that this brand would turn into a very successful brand as its backed by lot of marketing & PR.
With the knowledge of this, combined with the knowledge of failed commitments from hotel chains & virtual hotel brands-and lack of sales & the absence of not many ACTIVITIES (replace it with work), let’s use all this to our strength, let’s give world a new motto called WORK FROM GOA, which literally means WORK FROM HOME. Let us look at our hotels and let’s explore the idea of joint movement towards making WORK FRIENDLY branding of Goa to capture the most from the these days popular phrase WORK FROM HOME.
Join us in a GOA SPECIFIC WEBINAR, a ‘Combining Co-working & Co-living in GOA’ and learn more on how to be ready for this wave.

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