Centre for Value Education and Critical Thinking

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The idea here is to create a centre of value education that looks at filling up the gap in the current education system by engaging undergraduate and graduate students through unique communication tools like case study discussions, movie and book discussions, volunteering opportunities with CSOs and Government departments, debates and essay competitions, social surveys using social media. The main outcome of the engagement will be to prepare students to be more participative and perceptive to emerging socio-political realities and make them participative citizens.

Like minded individuals interested in the concept can come together and create a not-for-profit institute and approach select funders for seed funding. Fortunately, education and value-added education is the biggest focus area for many national and international philanthropy programs of the Tata trusts, Wipro foundation, the Bill and Melinda gates foundation, to name a few.

Is education just about knowledge and presentation?

Are the graduates and the undergraduates coming out of our colleges equipped to analyse and find new perspectives on complex socio-political issues related to constitutional interpretation, citizen rights, poverty, reservation, individual rights, international trade, capitalism, ideas of development, climate change, judicial process, etc.?

Do they have any context of the vector of history that led to the present (how we came here?)?
Are they able to comprehend the complexities of real world decision making?
Are they aware of basic laws that protect individual rights and freedom?
Are we expecting them to play a role merely in the state of the economy and not in the space of republic?
One definitive characteristic of good education is a culture of enquiry and social participation. Any attempt at real education needs to address this critical gap.

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