The tourists hotspot beaches get flooded with foreign as well as local tourists. Among these tourists the Hawkers can also be seen, following the foreign tourists mostly and sometimes forcing them to buy their product. No one in this world would like to come to Goa only to be troubled by these Hawkers (Lamanies) and disturb their private space. so the Idea is…
1. Stop these hawkers from roaming on the beaches.
2. Appoint security guards at the beaches to take action on violators.
3. Make it easy and simple for any tourist to report this issue, by posting it on a social Media handle (like: FB, Insta, Twitter), with a Hashtag (#BeachHawkerAlert), so that the security guards or goa police can easily spot the violators based on the hashtag and immediate take action.
The hawkers must only be allowed to sell their products at the tents or shops.

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