Associated Planning and/or Restoration programmes

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With the eventual return to controlled involvement
outside our homes, we will be amidst influencers that need to be reported, assessed and resolved. Zero level thinking programmes to expect, to
prevent, to mitigate and to conserve will help. Without a Community Grievance Forum (CGF), the governing authorities and departments
will not be actively interacting with people afflicted. Control room sophistication is a step but a forum is Involvement.
Expectation to prevent grievance from becoming further vulnerability, can help in this condition of health threats. The Grievances today can be related to Contingency planning, answering of crucial
questions, coordination expected, influencers, hazards, representatives to be
contacted and more of examples like these. The Grievances could be related to and more like
•1. Inadequate infrastructure or resource planning
•2. Insufficient or inappropriate information gathering standards
•3. Lack of overall readiness for return post health-threat lockdown
•4. Lack of information or how to knowledge for a person
•5. Lack of clarity of purpose for what one must do for risk reduction or remedial action
•6. Lack of assistance to take remedial action when things go wrong
•7. Not enough problem resolution
•8. Financial stress and relief for specific action-ables, where they are more of a non-value adding activity for the complainant
•Governmental interest for all this has been evolving with the best of practices since the health threat in early 2020, now developing a forum can help sensitization, preparedness & assessments for the months to come. A Forum is not “a Desk, a Call Centre or a Help line”, it
has stakeholders and custodians assigned to all
Grievances recorded via any of the “mentioned”.
The enabling of sensitization meetings or mapping of
grievances to cause and effect analysis can help fire
fighting or dependencies. Defining grievances as what
is done in healthcare can help, that is sentinel, adverse,
near miss for forecasting

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