App for public transport

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We need develop an app for empowering our public transport services like Kadamba buses 🚍. This app will be a game changer in Indian tourism with Goa setting an example.

The Goa tourism industry is currently affected by the sad state of taxi services causing inconvenience to tourists at large. Also the public transport services are currently suffering heavy losses which need to acted upon quickly.

This is an idea of developing a mobile app which would easily enable anyone to avail the Kadamba buses or other public transport services. The app will need to be installed by the bus driver or conductor and the tourist / transport seeker. This app will show the exact location and destination route of the bus in real-time enabling users to instantly go the closest bus stop and board the bus. This will provide supercheap transport to all tourists as well as Goans. This will boost the economy as money will be directly going to Goverment through public using this services. Payment will be done to the bus on boarding or can be done online as well through e-ticket.

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