App for hiring of daily waged labourers

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Every morning, most daily waged labourers gather in large crowds in certain areas, hoping to find work for the day. This will surely not be allowed anymore for a while now.

But if there is an app, that can connect labour to the people looking to hire, then it will solve alot of problems.

Even before the pandemic, labourers faced a few problems like, when sometimes the patraos don’t pay them their pre-negotiated amounts, after all the work has already been completed. So if the app could also collect payments in advance (something like how Airbnb does, and then releases it later)

Then to safeguard both sides, each one should have a profile linked to a mobile number. And at the end of each job, both parties can rate each other and the rating will be public. So eventually lazy workers will start doing their best too, and people hiring will start respecting labourers as human beings too.

Even women labourers are paid atleast a couple hundred rupees lesser than men. Their work is different, but it is equally hard and usually also involves carrying heavy things over their heads.. so an app would encourage equal pay here too.

Labourers are a backbone to the economy in Goa (there is not a single business or household that doesn’t require them atleast once a year), from building our roads and homes, to cleaning our gardens and other odd jobs, so we need to find a way to make this or something like this work.

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