Agriculture on deserted agricultural /orchard fields


There are many barren agriculture fields across the state that one can see when moving around on Goan roads. The figure of these fields is much more substantial when the fields lying in inner areas are considered.

The Goan government will already be having records of all the agricultural lands. The government should take initiative to identify the agricultural fields which are cultivated every year and the ones that are left barren for more than 3 years. This can be easily done by linking the subsidy provided to farmers with the agricultural plot that they cultivate. Also google maps or other satellite image services can be utilised to check past 3 years data of Agricultural fields which remain uncultivated.

All the identified uncultivated field owners should be given option of lease by the govt by listing the fields on online govt portal. Any interested person can view the available agricultural fields and opt for cultivating it at a pre defined price by the land owner for not more than 11 months . The same agreement can be renewed further.

This type of scheme will give regular income to field owners as well as provide adequate vegetable /fruit supplies in Goan market. Also this will eliminate the dependence on outside vegetable supply coming from neighbouring States.
Goa will remain green and sustainable in agriculture.

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