Adventure sports and swimming to be encouraged


In a state with a coastline of over 150 kms, the condition of sustainable Adventure tourism is sorely lacking. The tacky and very dangerous sports of jet skiing and banana boating amongst others need to be stopped

With the Lockdown over a month oold- the “touristy” beaches of Calangute, Candolim, colva,etc. have a beautiful look to them and
Points to be considered:

1) Cancel all the old Licences for the “popular sports” of Jet-sking paragliding, banana boating ,etc.
2) Accept new licence applications under revised while affording the old operators preferences. Issue licences for 5 years with a mandatory re-screening of safety standards every year and strictly banning those that fail renewal tests.
3) Cap on number of Licences and strict enforcement of safety and health standards.
4) Encourage other non-motorized sports like surfing, kayaking, etc. but still keeping them capped.
5) Encourage the less exciting but still important excursions like Salim ali bird sanctuary bird watching rides, Treks , etc. and encourage groups that organize Cultural and heritage trips and eco friendly activities like plogging.
6) Also encouraging ethical marine activities by involving marine biologists and people that look beyond just “making a quick buck”
7) Encourage swimming by allowing for an (off-duty) Lifeguard or any other qualified person in safety to be employed at a few to be in the water while people swim ( in proper swimwear)
8) Government to set up a website and promote the amazing diversity of the state and support lesser known healthy activities like rock climbing and others.

Lastly, get more locals involved both at the school level and adults. We live in a beautiful state where people are more comfortable in living city lives swimming in Pools and playing the PS/Xbox in Ac rooms, rather than experiencing the rich diversity around us.

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  1. Great suggestion Wilbert. Concerning motor sports on public beaches, i would take it a step forward and suggest that these activities be stopped permanently. Our beaches are there to be enjoyed for their natural beauty. Lets promote kite surfing and wind assisted sailing sports instead. Not to say that we desist with motor sports altogether, but instead have them operate in pre determined parts of the state coastline rather than every beach. Personally i’d prefer them to be operating in small creeks / rivers , by which the ecological footprint is diminished.

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