Adventure eco tourism

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Govt. of Goa along with local venturer Or capitalist by themself should invest in eco tourism like those in the countries similar to India.
Adventure sport activities such as
1. Quad bikes ride
2. Zipline
3. Tracking, camping
4. Heritage tours/workshops (cashew farming tour, etc)
β€’ These activities not only help preserve nature but also allows locals to do something in their own leisure time without leaving the state.

β€’ these activities will bring in tourists of different perspective rather then for the night life alone.

β€’ heritage, unesco sites needs to be revived and promoted in order to add more purpose to visit Goa.

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  1. great idea. Adventure sports is fun and will be enjoyed by Goans too. Making sure contracts for such are given to Goans and goan youth are trained for such jobs should also be kept in mind.

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