A possibility for Vital Health Mapping

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This possibility revisits the need to design and implement a Solution for Vital Health Mapping, as the basis of the 2020 health threat has yet many issues like the need for a tested vaccine and bulk numbers to immunize the population, the need for bulk numbers of relevant test kits or the need for screening efficiency. The proportionate of need is not addressed as yet, the time ahead is concerning for one and all. Systemic self-management is known in the IT or manufacturing
industry to mean autonomic behavior for sustaining lifecycles. Sustaining lifecycles are known to be auto-resolute for their life paths. Sustainable lifecycles manage difference in synergy better.

Idea: People could proactively vote for a People Welfare Mandate, where the mandate could hence help people correlate to GOI control or healthcare needs and practice steps for the same Initiating the questioning for a Vital Health Mapping SMART Phone
App that permits a person or collective identity to
+ Report age of family members or family circle to a People Welfare System
+ Report the needed medical history ..
+ Report Pattern of anti-biotic consumption, as good bacteria help our bodies fight foreign elements ..
+ Report Culture and sensitivity specific lower MIC values for different trait based streams ..
+ Report pulmonary health (via the use of Home spirometer or if permitted by the GOI via a sensor integrated to a SMART Phone App, where the relevant spirometer can report Forced Expiratory Volume at a 1 sec interval. Typically, proper testing and use of well known
reference values can identify whether a healthy person or elder (more than 65 years) is showing signs of respiratory distress) ..
+ Report choice or ability to consume a proper diet with antioxidants (names not included) and vitamins A, B (specifically B1), C, D
and E known to help respiratory wellness …
+ More details in attachment…

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