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After reaching out to several students from different disciplines, I found two things in common. One, they were super happy when the lockdown was announced. Second, they are now super stressed undergoing lockdown. Articulating the challenges:

1. Syllabus completion
2. Submission of Assignments/Projects
3. Exams
4. Fear of academic future and job opportunities

With these challenges only adding to STRESS, it’s challenging (mentally and emotionally) for students to find motivation and keep up with academics. At this point, to be able to cope up with studies they require a clean headspace.

My idea is to host/broadcast an online talk show called ‘A Happy Student’ every Sunday until the lockdown. It will be an online interactive, fun-filled talk show aiming to better well-being of students in order to cope up with their studies and stress levels. Importantly, to instil a HAPPY emotion in them. So, after the lockdown they come out stronger, happier, with a clear vision. The talks show will cover who is a HAPPY STUDENT and what qualities he must have? To become a Happy Student they must watch this show whose objectives are:

-Stop worrying about academics and begin learning new skills
-How to manage time and balance study and other activities
-Acquire new hobbies, life skills for a sustainable lifestyle
-Explore your other interests and career choices

To host ‘A Happy Student Show’ I’m seeking help from broadcast platforms such as TV, Radio, any media to ensure the show is accessible and watched by maximum. Hosting a show on Digital platforms like Zoom, Skype, for larger audience can be a challenge because of limited participation.

My name is Priya Dalvi, Author and a youth Speaker. I am associated with students and host interactive talks, seminars, workshops from past two years. This idea if put together will help uplift students at a great deal.

My website: www,priyadalvi.com

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