A Collaboration platform for Non-profit organizations

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A Social Collaboration platform for Non-profit organizations to engage with community and volunteers. There are more than 60 NGO’s in GOA and it will be huge benefit if more
volunteers across various entities like – Government, private businesses, Self employed,
organizations, universities, colleges, and schools can start registering using this platform. The
volunteers can register based on their availability, skills and talent. Platform allows the community to submit requests on what their needs are. NGO's receive and execute those on a timely manner. In addition, this platform will allow NGO's to raise crowdfunding or donation campaigns based on their mission. They can also gain access to the insights on how their NGO is bringing the positive impact across Goa. Any organization like Red Cross or JCI, NGO or Government can customize this platform to the City, State, or Country to provide immediate emergency support to the impacted individuals, organizations or community. Currently, this pilot (forgoa.in) is in progress in collaboration with RED CROSS and JCI to provide the required help during COVID19 crisis. This can further be open for rest of Goa's non-profit, NGO's, and all other entities to support local during and post covid crisis.

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