A collaboration platform for Beach Cleaning

2 years agoopen8

In collaboration with local Self Help Group (SHG), unemployed youths, Businesses, Waste Management dept, Tourist dept, farmers (compost), and others can provide organically grown services to support beach project across Goa by using local talent, to help the local environment to grow the local economy. Post covid, all impacted beach area residents, hotel employees, SHG, and other can benefit with this collaboration.

8 thoughts on “A collaboration platform for Beach Cleaning”

    1. Thank You Sonia for your comments.. Apart from saving environment, this can help employment and revenue opportunities for local individuals and small businesses. Additionally, proper Waste management can help composed to be delivered to farming.

    1. Thank You Alden for your valuable feedback and also the initiative you suggested on your facebook. This is the type of collaboration we all can bring together to keep Goa safe, clean, and a happy place for the people of Goa and the world to visit Goa and enjoy. Would love to add your thought along with what we have proposed. It should go hand and hand and can be tried with a simple pilot of digital scanning of visitors … Lot more can be done.. Lets take baby steps for now :)- Our solution should bring value to Goa. It can start with eliminating wastage of taxpayers money for external companies (Beach Cleaning Project) and can be put to better use for Goan economy.

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