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With social distancing being the new norm, all responsible F&B and retail establishments will need to space out the layout and provide far less seating. This will lead to fewer customers, revenue, employees, rentals and a shrinking tourist economy. The only variable that we can utilize to prevent this shrinking of the economy is time.

We need to dispel the stigma that night brings with it shady and illegal activities. Many cities and tourist destinations have a vibrant nightlife that extends into the morning. Tourists don’t expect to stick to their regular routine when they are on holiday in Goa – this is enforced on them. Even cities in India, like Indore, have streets where families are out and sampling street food and enjoying music all night. A vast majority of tourists are not seeking to partake in any illegal activities and would love to be out at night when things are cool.

As things stand the only 24 hour places in Goa are the casinos. All it will take from the government is the expansion of the police force along the tourist areas, and removing time restrictions from all licenses. Extending operational hours to the entire day will not only allow for more customers on a daily basis, but also increase the length of the tourist season into warmer months during which the nights are still plesant.

Let’s make Goa a 24 hour destination!

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  1. This is a great idea. This will help also help in generating employment post pandemic. With 24 hrs divided in 3 shifts, more people can be employed within the existing establishments and their limited infrastructure. Creating new infrastructure for job generation will not only be cumbersome but also require a huge investment which can be saved and utilized in helping the needy. We also need to remember that a tourist destination is a season based income source and thus we need to capitalize highly within the limited duration of the season.

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