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    Commercialise Waste Management at Grass Roots
    2 years agoopen0
    Goa has a waste management problem and am sure many people have ideas to resolve the same. But I think without making the exercise of waste collection, segregation and disposal and commercial profitab... Read more...
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    Design School
    2 years agoopen0
    Goa needs to set a new benchmark in Design. Visual Art, Products, Technologies, as well as numerous other areas are driven by design at its core. Goa and its global connectivity is ideal for Design Sc... Read more...
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    Reimagine public transport
    2 years agoopen0
    The Public Transport for common man will have to be re-imagined. Opening Waterways for access to interiors and reducing pressure on bus transport could be pursued. This will also allow ancilliaries fo... Read more...
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    Open Education
    2 years agoopen0
    Restriction on setting up Schools and education has led to clogged and mass manufacturing process of School education. Allow smaller boutique schools which keep less students per class and maintain so... Read more...