About Us

How this initiative was born

Ideas for Goa is a platform that not only reignites our economy post COVID-19 but also helps create a Goa that is more prosperous, sustainable and inclusive than the status quo and is a shining example for the rest of India. This is born out of the belief real change happens only with free flow of ideas and bottoms up citizen empowerment.

We want to create a space and conditions to leverage people’s desire to participate for the greater good, give back to society in times of need, creativity and innovativeness to generate disruptive and exponential ideas that can be implemented quickly and sustainably. This platform is open to all to contribute ideas regardless of their background and is free of cost. Most importantly and best of all, ideas generated are available to everyone for free.

Join the movement to create Goa 2.0 by contributing your ideas, voting on ideas and spreading the word.

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Platform Guidelines

Intellectual property

You undertake to contribute without remuneration and without claiming any rights on the ideas you contribute. It is expected you are participating for altruistic reasons for the greater good of Goa. Anyone is free to bring ideas on platform to fruition.


This platform is not for profit and managed by private individuals. The only personal data we store is your first name, last name and email. Personal data will be used for contacting you by members of the Ideas for Goa team only in the event government and potential implementation  / support agencies are interested in collaborating with you to implement your idea.

Ethical Conduct

You are requested to participate with the utmost mutual respect. Ideas that are deemed offensive and disrespectful of the other participants on this platform will be rejected. Ideas must: 1) be free of any political, religious or any special interests agenda; 2) be linked to the reigniting of the economy post COVID-19; 3) be implementable in a very short period of time; 4) not be an advertisement for any commercial services.


Based on the overwhelming response during the first phase of idea generation in May 2020, the platform is now open for you to contribute ideas on an ongoing basis.

Core team

D S Prashant

D S Prashant

Mayank Pandya

Mayank Pandya

Sanjiv Khandelwal

Sanjiv Khandelwal

Sanjiv Khandelwal has been a serial entrepreneur, early stage investor and mentor to tech and tech enabled startups.